Black Stallion Oil and Gas Inc(OTCMKTS:BLKG) Makes Headway in northwest Montana

Black Stallion Oil and Gas Inc(OTCMKTS:BLKG) is a penny stock promotion that has created big buzz in recent months running from around $0.75 start point to highs of $2.39 a share.

BLKG hit the OTCBB back in June of this year after a 60 for 1 forward stock split and the name change from Secure It Corp.

Black Stallion Oil and Gas Inc(OTCMKTS:BLKG) is a publicly traded, Los Angeles, CA based energy exploration company focused on developing America’s abundant shale oil and gas resources. Black Stallion is currently focused on the emerging Alberta Basin Bakken in northwest Montana. Black Stallion has secured the right to acquire 50% ownership in the large 12,233-acre Woodrow Prospect in Teton county, northwest Montana, within the Alberta Basin Bakken fairway.

The reason for the big volume and price movements on BLKG is due to the landing page at with a $50,000 disclosed budget.

The over the top promotional material says ”But right now my #1 priority is making sure YOU are positioned for the huge profits. Not the fat cats on Wall St. Not the masses investing like sheep – This is why I’m urging all of my loyal subscribers to jump on BLKG immediately!

Black Stallion Oil & Gas is my top performer of 2015… BLKG could easily multiply your investment several times over. In this special presentation, I’m going to show you why Black Stallion Oil & Gas – potentially one of America’s top plays at below $2.00 per share right now – could be one of the most undervalued investment opportunities you’ll find… and PROFIT from… in your lifetime.

BLKG represents YOUR opportunity to profit from America’s fastest-emerging area-play. Before we continue. Let’s look at a few companies hitting home runs in the Bakken Formation. Because late-comers investors drove share values exponentially higher.

In July BLKG announced it will start to execute a detailed exploration program on the 12,233 Acre Woodrow Prospect in Teton county, northwest Montana, within the Alberta Basin Bakken fairway.

Over the coming weeks the company will look to hire key industry experts and engage various third-party companies/suppliers in order to evaluate further and gather all possible data needed to advance towards identifying drill targets on the property. A detailed exploration program will be drawn up in the near future.

According to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the Alberta Basin Bakken, which stretches from northwest Montana into Alberta, is a significant new Bakken Shale oil play. Currently, over 80% of the Alberta Basin Bakken’s production has come from 3 large fields that are within roughly 12 to 40 miles of the Woodrow Prospect. As interest has grown in the Alberta Basin Bakken over the past few years, major industry players have reportedly invested in excess of $180 million to acquire land in the fairway’s southern region, close to the Woodrow Prospect.

On September 21 BLKG announced having engaged Calgary-based Sproule Associates Limited (“Sproule”) in connection with the Company commencing a four-phase work program on its 12,233-acre Woodrow Prospect in northwest Montana, within the Alberta Basin Bakken fairway, due west of the Williston Basin.

Black Stallion entered into the Master Services Consulting Agreement (“the agreement”) with Sproule on September 16, 2015, enabling Sproule’s team of experienced geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and engineers to begin work on the program immediately. The agreement includes estimation of prospective resources within the Woodrow Prospect, and technical advisory services relating to the Company’s four-phase work program.

CEO George Drazenovic said “We selected Sproule for this evaluation and advisory capacity because they have established themselves as a respected petroleum consulting firm with highly competent staff and an excellent reputation with the financial community. While Black Stallion’s technical team is encouraged by its own evaluation and review of the available data, as we start our work program, our shareholders can now look forward to seeing the results of another independent evaluation of the Woodrow Prospect’s potential within these coming weeks.”

BLKG has been down in recent week as the promotion starts to lose its shine and gravity takes over. Long term BLKG may not fare well considering the Company has no real fundamentals to back up anywhere near current market valuations.

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