Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCMKTS:FPVD) With Major Announcement: How Will Investors Respond?

Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCMKTS:FPVD) announces that it has received various certifications for their LE50 HD on the body video recorder.

Force Protection Video Equipment (OTC Markets: “FPVD”) is pleased to announce that it has received FCC, IC and CE certification for the LE50 HD on the body video recorder.

The FCC certification part 15 is a requirement that shows that the design of the LE50 meets strict guidelines required for electronics to legally operate in the United States. Likewise, the IC certification is for Canada and the CE is for the European Union including Great Britain.

These certifications are needed to assure that Force Protection Video will be able to participate in marketing the LE50 worldwide. Many of our competitors do not have these certifications. All cameras and electronics that Force Protection offers for sale are in conformity to these standards.

“Our cameras are state of the art designs using the Ambarella chip design, the added FCC, IC and CE certifications help insure potential customers of the quality of our products. The added cost we absorbed in obtaining these certifications evidence our commitment to providing quality products that are accepted worldwide,” said Paul Feldman CEO.

The Force Protection Video LE10 and LE50 cameras are rugged HD design which incorporates Ambarella (NASDAQ AMBA) made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high definition video. It is the chip supplier of the popular GoPro® (GPRO) sports cameras.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Paul Feldman at FORCE PROTECTION VIDEO EQUIPMENT or email at INFO@FORCEPROVIDEO.

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The mathematical calculation that represents the degree of change over time is known as “percentage change”.   In finance, it serves many purposes, and is often used to represent the price change of a commodity.

Percentage change can be applied to any quantity that is measured over time any given time period.  Say you are tracking the price of a stock.  If the price increased, the formula [(New Price – Old Price)/Old Price] is applied and then take that number and multiply it by 100.  If the price of a stock decreased, the formula [(Old Price – New Price)/Old Price] is applied then multiplied by 100.

The formula can be used to track the prices of both individual commodities and large market listings, and also used to compare the values of different currencies.  Balance sheets with comparative financial statements often will include prices of specific stocks at different time periods alongside the percentage change over the same periods of time.  Over the past three months, Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCMKTS:FPVD) has seen 57198200 shares trade hands on average.

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Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCMKTS:FPVD) shares closed the most recent session at $0.0225 moving from the previous open or $-0.0004.  This is compared to the stock’s 52-week high of 2.3 and 52-week low of N/A.

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